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In collaboration with
Studio Dearborn

Nantucket Sinks Proudly Presents
The Steppe(TM) Sink

Sleek and Practical

This two-tiered sink is designed with an eye on function.  The Steppe’s innovative design features a full depth basin plus a lowered platform and custom dish drying rack for rinsing and air drying. The 10 inch deep, 25” wide large single bowl allows plenty of space to soak and clean large cookware and bakeware. Adjoining the spacious basin, a raised platform drain area helps to keep water in the sink and off your counters, with a slight pitch to drain freely into the basin drain.

The included removable stainless wire dish rack fits into the raised platform for drying. The basin has a side set drain to give more unobstructed surface area.  This large sink includes a bottom grid, colander drain, and dish drying rack. 

Fabricated with premium 16 Gauge high grade corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and sound deadening rubber padding.  The bottom grid with rubber feet protects the basin’s brushed satin finish.  Small radius corners make for easy cleaning.  This sink can be installed with the drain on the left or right and comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty.

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