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60/40 Double Bowl 16 Gauge Kitchen Sink with Grids and Colander Drains

Nantucket Sinks' large, double bowl undermount kitchen sink comes complete with two bottom grids and two colander drains.  Great contemporary design with the utility of a 60/40 sink.  The included bottom grids add extra function, keeping pots and dishes off the bottom of the sink.  Nantucket Sinks' stainless steel sinks have thick rubber dampening pads to dampen sound.  Our finishing process helps keep our stainless steel corrosion-resistant to rust and oxidation.  The brushed satin finish makes daily maintenance a simple rinse.  Bottom grids and colander drains are included with sink.  Durable stainless steel is meant to go the distance and features a limited lifetime warranty!


Color: Stainless Steel