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Cost Saving

by Nesting Sinks, Eliminating Waste,
& Reducing Transportation Cost

Nantucket Sinks strives to help Project Managers procure a full range of sinks from ADA grade to High-end Residential Kitchen and Bathroom sinks! 

Wholesale order pallet image
Wholesale order pallet image

For non-ADA kitchen applications, we are able to provide many nested versions of our commercial style kitchen sinks, the Pro Series sinks.  The tapered design of these sinks allows for them to nest inside of each other minimizing

 the need for the individual packing.  By nesting the sinks, we are able to cut down on the number of pallets shipped to a job site as well as cardboard and other packing material waste.

For lavatory sinks, depending on the sink model, we are able to pack 2-3 sinks per box with minimal packaging material to be discarded. In addition, the transportation carbon footprint is reduced significantly. For example, one pallet of nested kitchen sinks is approximately one hundred sinks, whereas those same sinks individually boxed would require eight pallets for transport. Our logistics team will ship the goods from one of our three warehouses located on both coasts. 

We offer solutions to minimize job site waste, storage space and damages as well as offering competitive project quotes for their kitchen and bathroom sink needs.   

Our strategic packaging solutions endeavor to assist on-site crews by efficiently reducing the number of cartons and packing materials to be opened and discarded.  Less packing material sent to the landfills.


We offer two ADA depth kitchen sinks, the SR2522-5.5-16 and the SS-PRO-ZR3018-5.5.  Both 16-gauge stainless steel sinks with 5.5” Bowl Depths. the SR2522-5.5-16 is designed for either undermounting or used as a drop-in sink. The SS-PRO-ZR3018-5.5 is purely an undermount sink.   


For bathroom sinks, we offer many ADA complaint undermount options such as the UM-16x11-W, UM-18x13-W, UM-16CW,  and the UM-18x12-W sinks. Sinks must be installed according to ADA guidelines. 

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